Tuesday, November 11, 2008

love the people, hate the food

I went with a couple of friends to an Indan restaurant yesterday.  I've decided there are a few things I'd like to do before I ever eat Indian food again.

-watch a stranger vacuum their house
-pull the chair out from under Anderson Silva
-go through another election
-eat Irish food (and that's saying a lot - think boiled meats)
-eat German food (think Irish food shoved into animal casings)
-shave Michael Moore's back
-listen to a boy band sing O' Canada
-put together a 2,000 piece puzzle that's a picture of Mickey Rourke playing Uno
-watch Leatherheads
-go to the ballet in an uncomfortable suit sitting next to Jane Paulie who is crying about the beauty of it all
-start an improv troupe with Paulie Shore, Dan Akroyd and Nicolette Sherridan
-stick Indian food in my eye

I guess I'm trying to say that it just wasn't for me.  The entire buffet smelled awful and I lived in fear that whatever I was scooping onto my plate was the very substance that caused the smell.  Sweet sweet Chipotle, where have you gone?


  1. This one made me laugh so hard that I _____________.
    I had dinner at a friend's house once and her husband fixed a HUGE buffet of Indian food. I don't like ginger..AT ALL. (well, I like ginger snaps but that doesn't count) They served a beer that turned out to be ginger beer...I had to make a quick (burp)exit.

  2. IN MY BELLY!!!!!!!!

    (sorry, just answering your question about chipotle)

  3. I SO felt your pain.

  4. Sorry, that "grayson" comment was from me. Kids forget to log out on my computer!

    What was up with that green stuff anyway?!? And them indian tostitos were a special sorta gnarly.

  5. and as you put the last piece in the puzzle, you see the face of the madman at the window about to break in and kill mickey rourke...

    somewhere in a rehab center, mickery rourke hears the sound of breaking glass.