Tuesday, December 19, 2006

just putting together the latest list...

I know the bravest person of all time was the first person to eat an egg.

I know that Mike Webster is the strongest man that ever lived.

I know that Mr. David Hasselhoff is the most talented (talks to cars, blondes, acts, sings, dances, plays volleyball like an olympian)

the funniest? Mike Chilcoaat

Best Story Teller? Dave Wolfenberger

Best speaker? Tony Evans, Mario Cuomo, Pat Goodman, Tony campolo....and you

Best Actor? John Malcovich

but....who is the:


Most original?

Coolest person since the Fonz?

Best action hero?

That guy who always says hi to me at church that has a beard, but no mustache?


  1. Best Action Hero?
    Whew. Now that we're all going to hell for watching that. How about this nominee for
    "Creepiest Video Game since Grand Theft Auto"
    My work here is done.

  2. Ok. I'm having some fairly severe posting remorse. I just watched the Jesus Christ action figure promo again and just about vomitted at the high level of sacrilege.

  3. Connie3:53 PM

    strangest; John Mark Karr
    most original: Charlie Kaufman
    coolest: Jon Stewart or George Clooney (If it has to be a fictional character - Kermit)

  4. coolest person since the Fonz...YOU of course!