Monday, December 11, 2006


I've been wheezing for about six weeks now.

It's never been a full blown's just been a persistent wheezing every time I go to bed. Occasionally I'll start wheezing when I'm just hanging around...but mostly it hits when I go to bed or first wake up.

It's like I'm getting all of the bad symptoms of smoking without that sweet sweet tobacco flavor. I don't smell like an ashtray, but I cough up flem... I don't look like a disinterested person with my own hand held security blanket-cigarette that appears to be cool while just standing around...but I'm probably developing some sort of lung malady by just sitting around and waiting for this to pass.

Maybe I ought to go ahead and start smoking. I could start slow - maybe start wearing the patch until I get addicted....start smoking nicarette gum....see if I can handle one of those candy cigarettes with more filter than tobacco (the kind that creepy com professor smokes when he's hanging out with the students and wanting to be one of them)...and before you know it - presto bango - I'm smoking Camel unfiltered.

just a matter of time...

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