Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I've never understood the fascination with cars. In High School when guys would brag about how fast they went in their car, I'd say, "you must really have a strong right foot!"

I just didn't see what was impressive about pushing on the accelerator harder than you're supposed to. When people talk about how cool a car is, I just don't get that either. My car will get me from my house to your house...or to the store...or to the taping of A Very Special Blossom...or to White Castle.

Isn't that what cars do? They get you from here to there... It's nice to have a comfortable car with plenty of room, maybe a c.d. player and a cup holder...but after that?

I just can't imagine parking three miles away just so I can park my car where no one else could possible touch it. It drives me nuts when people park sideways so nobody can park next to them...they're like the three mile people, but lazy-er.

If my car gets scratched - I think, "bummer, now my car is scratched" but it's still just something that drives me to Bob Saget's neighborhood where I can watch him come and go from a safe distance of 200 feet, all the while pretending to be someone waiting for his neighbor or a pizza delivery man.

Cars are just things.

That's the whole deal. They help us to get places faster than if we went by unicycle...or pogo stick...or skateboard.


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    A car should NEVER take a person to white castle. :)