Friday, April 30, 2010

A Star was born...

If you're wondering what has two thumbs and is the Freedom Elementary Star Student of the week...well, it's Griff (I guess this is more of a visual thing...and that's why I'm not the F.E.S.S.O.T.W.)

What comes with this honor you ask?
Well I'll tell you.

You get to bring in a bag full of stuff to share with your class a little about yourself (Griff brought his Murphy Family Olympiad trophy).  You also get to share your favorite book with the class, have lunch with your parents, punch a clown in the throat and have a letter written by your parents read to the class by the teacher.
(some of that isn't true)

So we wrote the following in a sealed envelope on Wednesday (Griff didn't know anything about this until his teacher read it):
From Griffin's Dad,
   There are a few things I'd like you to know about Griffin.  Most of you probably already know that he's a smart kid who is good at sports and has so many trophies that we're thinking of building him a second bedroom.  He's always been great at finding new friends and helping people out, but there are a few things you might not know about Griff. 
  For one thing, some of you might have heard that Griffin won the Murphy family Olympics.  Sure that's true, but I'm training for the 2011 Olympiad and I'm guaranteeing a victory right here and now.  Sure he usually beats me in putt putt and is getting better every day at frisbee golf.  Yes, he's an excellent bowler and has amazing coordination...which will no doubt help him to win our Minute to Win it competition again.  What he doesn't know is that while he thinks I'm going to work every day, I'm actually headed to the gym for my training.
  I will defeat Griffin in 2011, mark my words...oh yes, I will defeat him.
-Grff's dad

From Griffin's Mom,
    What can I say about our oldest child?  He's an incredible big brother to Cooper and Parker and is always helping them, and me around the house.  He often will take his little brother and little sister outside and help them to learn new sports and games.  It's not just his brother and sister that he's helping either.  He helps me around the house by taking out the trash, cleaning up and by re-shingling the roof.  I was just kidding about the roof, why would I let a nine year old on the roof?  Do you think I'm a crazy lady?
  We are lucky parents to have such an incredible son.  We miss him every day when he heads off to school, but we're so glad he has such a great class full of friends and an incredible teacher!
-Griffin's Mom

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reply to All isn't the enemy - it's just symptom of a much bigger problem

I'm just trying to help here.  Seth Godin's rule #4 of electronic mail is fairly simple - DON'T REPLY TO ALL

I think we can all agree with that.  What I'm about to suggest points to, what I believe is, the real problem.

Reply to all is a cough or a sneeze, this is the root issue...this is the rhino virus of electronic mail.  It goes much deeper and starts much earlier than this...

When you write an e-mail to more than three people, you should always blind carbon copy everyone.  This takes the Reply to ALL option out of the hands of hilarious people eager to start a blog or comment war via electronic mail.

There is a lady that replies to one of the teacher's e-mails with links to stuff she sells.  The teacher must get these same e-mails, and yet she continues to include our e-mail address in the notes.  The annoying mom trying to sell Amway isn't the problem, it's the teacher who doesn't conceal our addresses.

It happens with my personal electronic mail every single day.  It happens at work....every single day.

People who understand privacy do it, smart people do it, tall people do it, Libertarian's do's out of control.

So let's help control the mass e-mail population and have your electronic mail spayed or neutered...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Top 5 Movie Remakes of ALL TIME

I should put in a disclaimer that I haven't watched every movie ever made.

I should also mention that I haven't even seen every movie that was ever later remade..

Having said that, I also haven't seen every movie that is a remake of a previously produced film.

I also have never taken any film courses at an established and accredited university.

Or un-accredited...

To be honest with you, I'm starting to wonder if I'm qualified to make a list of the top movie remakes of all time...

Well now I just feel silly.

I did like Cape Fear though...just for the record...

Never mind.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


According to the University of Arizona, people tend to speak about 16,000 words a day.
According to Jim is an awful show, I'm told...

Either way - I'm around a lot of people who are somewhere between 1-16,000 words into their day.  I hear a lot of things...and yet I've never heard
-I'd love to, but I already made plans with my proctologist...
-The other day, after I wrestled Steven Spielberg
-Them critters sure taste good with that Tempura
-So we roadtripped to Branson for the Jay Z concert, and then..
-My girlfriend and I were headed to the cage match after that Star Trekathon...

There are probably a few others, but I'm about to play Parker in Wii I'd better start stretching...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I was struck this morning by the realization that I have a pretty awesome life.

I was sitting down on our couch, which most thrift stores wouldn't allow in their showrooms, when Cooper and Parker came downstairs.

They were laughing and playing and both of them jumped on top of me to hug me and say, "Good morning daddy!" and they really meant it.  It was a good morning.  They both had crazy hair and their pajamas on...and were just loving life.

And that's when it hit me, this is way better than Disney World.
and I don't ever have to wait in line...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The life apprentice

If we've learned anything from Brett Michaels (and who hasn't?) it's that no matter how awesome you are, no matter how much money, how many headbands and how many number one hits - if your daughter gets sick, it all pales in comparison.

I've heard about 1800 celebrities say that the highlight of their life was having their kids.  Folks who have won Oscars, Emmys, Super Bowls and the Murphy Family Olympics... It doesn't matter - it's all silly compared to the things that truly matter in life.
I've heard enough people say that fame is fleeting and money brings more problems than you'd think.  So why don't we believe them?  Why do we keep chasing after the superficial stuff in life?  If having kids is a bigger deal than winning the World Series, then why don't we celebrate our time with our families more?  Seems like we should.  Maybe they're right? 

We could all learn a thing or two from Brett.

Fame and money are probably fun for awhile, but you've gotta remember that every rose has it's thorns...
so very, very wise...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Productive things I plan on doing today

um...well...I'm defragging my computer right now.
I'm not entirely sure what that means, and it sounds kindda naughty.
Ultimately I just want a lot les frag in there mucking up the works.

I'm also going to go to the store with Parker.
That about sums up my plans.
Sounds like a pretty good day off to me...

Friday, April 16, 2010

4 Week Church Experiment

Looks like I'll be speaking at the Mason Vineyard for the next four weeks.

I haven't done all my homework on the Masons, but I'm expecting lots of secret oaths and a parking lot full of tiny parade cars...  This is where I should probably tell you that this is actually the Vineyard Church in Mason - see what I did there?

(rumor stopper ahead) They're searching right now for a Senior Pastor and this is definitely not me preaching as some sort of interview.  A few folks have asked if I put my name in the hat, and I haven't nor am I in the future.  I you were to find the hat (I haven't seen it, but I'm guessing a fez) you wouldn't see my name anywhere near it.  They have an awesome bunch of folks who they're talking to and they are well on their way to finding someone who I'm sure will be great.  I simply said yes when they asked me to speak for a series because I love what they're doing and would love to help them out.

So with three days notice that I'm writing four talks and branding a series, I should probably stop weblogging and go steal some of Joe's old talks...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's in a name?

House Church - Small Group - Medium Sized Group - Super Sized Group - Kids Meal Group

Whatever we're calling it, it's been a great thing for me, a great thing for my family, and my prayer is a great thing for the Kingdom.  Tonight we meet again, and I'm looking forward to it...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reasons I'm awesome

I tweet
I have literally dozens of facebook friends
I'm assistant regional secratary of the Saget Fan Club
I beat a 9 year old in frisbee golf last week
I have a personal weblog
My car is gold
I have a daughter with Spider Man's surname
Occasionally I'll misquote Yeats and nobody notices
I have a brown belt in pants holding up
My desk is made out of felt and sticky tape
4 out of 5 doctors have never taken a survey about me
Did I mention the tweet thing yet?
I make lists that come right outta my brain
I appear on stage with a blonde wig and sing pop songs and nobody knows it's me
I know a guy named Ken who has a birthday tomorrow
I kill dandelions and sleep like a baby at night
I posted this
You're welcome

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Murphy Family Olympiad '10

Last night we had our Awards Ceremony and the final standings for the Murphy Family Olympics of 2010 were...

Bronze Medal goes to Parker Murphy who placed in the top three of Wii Bowling & Minute to Win It.

The Silver goes to Cooper Murphy who did well in Frisbee Golf, Bowling & Minute to Win It.

Griffin Murphy takes home...actually he was awarded it at home...the gold with his victories in Minute to Win It, Bowling, Putt Putt and his top three finishes in Wii Bowling and Frisbee Golf.

Congratulations Griffin - you deserve this victory.

Monday, April 12, 2010


"I think selling out is doing anything that you don't love"

I just heard someone say that on a podcast...and I don't completely agree, but it got me thinking

I heard Wess Stafford speak this past weekend.  He'd lived out more stories in his first 7 years than most of us will in 70.

If you're not familiar with Wess -
He spells his name with an extra S
He wrote Too Small to Ignore
All the proceeds of his book go to his mission in life.
His mission in life is to be a voice for children.

Which got me thinking...

How many people do I know that I believe would die for their cause or mission?

Maybe 3 or 4?
I'm not really sure...

I don't know Wess, but from what I know and from what I've heard...he's the real deal.

I'm not sure that there are that many out there, and it was inspiring to hear his story.  I'm just saying...

Friday, April 09, 2010

All Good Things

Our Mini-Staycation comes to an end today at 5 o'clock. I figure I would be heading home about then tonight if I was from 5:01 on I'm off the clock normally...

Lots to do this weekend - Tonight I'm off to hang out with Shareholders.
how great is she?
Tomorrow I get to speak at a conference.  I'm not sure it's actually a's only one day...I'd probably know what it was if I worked this past week.  I also get to hand out stuff at our four services and then improvise stuff on Sunday night.
Should be fun...right?  Sure...

But let's not talk about the future, let's dwell on the past.

This week the Murphy Olympiad was in full swing.
It's too early to name a winner, but Griffin is winning going into the last day of competition.  It should be a nail biter, because he's only up by one point.  It shouldn't be a nail biter because biting your nails is bad...

We played some frisbee golf and some miniature golf.
There was Wii bowling and actual bowling.
We learned How to Train a Dragon and also How to Fly a Kite.
Jimmy actually had the high score...

Picnics, euchre, coughing, planting, water fights, tennis with friends and playing with the neighbors.

We never had our Chopped competition or visited any museums...but who's counting?

seriously...who is keeping track?  I need to get in my paperwork...

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Don't be stupid

Are you really going to give some girl "scout" your hard earned money for their cookie cartel?

Let me ask you two simple questions:
1.  Do you actually know where this money goes?
2.  What are you, stupid?

2 more quick things:
I'm about to share a link with you that will change your life.
I just lied a little bit...

I do have a link to a site that will show you how to make your own version of the most delicious of all Girl Scout cookies....the Samoas...or Caramel Delites...
And here it 'tis.
or you can cheat even more and go here.

Bottom line - they don't control us.

Let's bring those girls down a peg or two.
And what are they "scouting" anyways?  Who are they fooling?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I'm #9!

For those of you wondering who ended up taking ninth in our 2010 National Collegiate Athletic Association Basketball championship....

...that's right, it was me!!!

I finished the season having watched less than five seconds of non-third grade basketball, and I'm pretty ok with that.

As for who wins all kinds of cash and prizes, minus the cash?  NJS181 "Hampden's Finest" pulled it off.

Who is NJS181?  I'm just guessing here, but I'm going to go with Nate Scott - who lives in Hampden...I long as that's close to Baltimore...which I'm fairly certain it is.

For the record - Ken Snelling took second and no points.
Chris something or other was third (they should really make you put your real name down)
Amanda was the top placing lady finishing in 6th place.
and did I mention I took 9th? (dominating the Docherty boys in 10 place)

Other notables:
Annie (Hometown Thunder) took 31st place
Best name in the bracket? - I'm going to go with Captain Flounder Pants the third (Nick 28th)
a close second? -The Dude Abides - Eenie meenie minie moe - Hoosier Daddy -
Jesus Shuttleworth
Most Ironic? - I will win (11th) The Champion (6th) Darrell's Prophetic Picks (48th) - they stone you for this kind of thing...
Closest to landing the ship? - Use this as the answer key (3rd place)

Nate had Duke beating Syracuse in the finals...and that's close enough for this group of 59 guessers.

Congratulations young Nate - you've done Maryland proud.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Number one in your program, number one in your heart

Of course the Pittsburgh Pirates are in first place.

Most lists that I saw this year had the Pirates winning it all.

Sure they're great.

I know they have the best record in baseball.

Undefeated this year?  It's not out of the question.

The greatest team of all time?  Well, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves...but it's looking that way.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Method Man

After decades of begging, the answer is Yes, I'll give you a peak beneath the curtain...or behind it...bottom line, I'm going to let you in on my secret(s).

Here's my method.  Here's how I do.

First of all, my research team pulls from any number of sources as to what's "hot" right now.
Apparently vampires and affairs are big these days.  Also, self tanners.

After my interns pull together three to five possibilities, I spend a few days in a meditative trance centering myself on both the possibilities that exist, but also on my inner child.  He loves to skateboard and anything with pirates.

Then I go with a topic, write up a few it through legal...and presto,'s like I have a licence to print Euros.

The results?  You're looking at them kid...and yes, it's a gift...
and you're welcome...

Friday, April 02, 2010

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Who has two thumbs, two wheels and no training wheels on his birthday?
this fella....that's who