Friday, December 15, 2006


I knew a guy who was a waiter at the Olive Garden. (jealous?)

He told one of his customers that he could get all of the wine he wanted for $3. He said it with a smile and the guy took him up on it. Later the guy was frustrated that his bill had $15 worth of wine on it. The waiter really thought it was weird that this guy didn't get that he was just kidding.

That was the deal with this waiter guy. He was constantly making jokes that weren't funny. Because they weren't funny, people never understood that he was just kidding.

I know someone else that is constantly throwing jokes around. Constantly kidding...always sarcastic....never funny. Not once. (this is where the paranoid among you are wondering, "is he talking about me?" -but neither of these people ever read my blog...or even know I have one, so it's not you)

What really throws me about this person is they'll try a joke around me and it's so painfully not funny that I won't even give them the raised eyebrow-slight smirk (my version of a fake laugh). It's just that un-funny. What freaks me out is that they'll try the EXACT SAME JOKE to someone else who comes into the room 30 seconds later.

Who does that?

If a joke goes over, and people're still somewhat reluctant to try it again when the people who just heard it are still in the room. So why would they re-try a joke that was so painful the first time around?

It's just a little thing...we all have our blind spots...
a monkey flinging poo that's comedy


  1. Agreed. Most monkey things are hysterical. Ever seen "a monkey washing a cat" via Letterman? Totally great.

  2. You never laugh at anything. Except me; you always think I'm hilarious. Because I am.

  3. Anonymous11:30 AM

    I'm just chuckling over the great graphic..."I fling-poo" reminds me of a Chinese restaurant in Boston that I frequented...ONCE.