Monday, September 24, 2012


Just found out this is still a weblog.  I'm working on putting something together so I wanted to see if this thing still is a thing...time to waker 'er up and see what happens

this is all very exciting

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Things I learned on Vacation

If I was going to give you advice on how to plan and enjoy your vacation, I'd point to just a few keys to the whole deal:

-Tops on the list to any succesful vacation is asking your Aunt Debbie to stay at one of her houses in a resort area.

-You might also throw a roll of paper towels in the back of your miniature van for spills.

There's a big dropoff after those two gems.

I will say that it's fun to eat at a few restaurants owned by Food Network Stars.  Keep in mind that you pay 12-140% more for a meal, but it'll be a good one.

The ocean is a good bet.  It's free - beautiful - you can people watch and/or whale watch - you can kill animals (starfish, sanddollars, etc.) or be killed by animals (sharks, stingray, deranged postal worker, etc)

If you can't make it to the ocean, then you should at least rent Point Break and eat a sour patch kid every time Bodhi risks his life or punches Keanu.

I should work for Fodors...

Thursday, June 30, 2011

River Cats We Barely Knew You...

The River Cat's season is no more.
Griffin's baseball team ended with a one run loss in the semi-finals of this year's championship run.

old pic...couldn't find one from this year
Cooper's baseball season is over as well, and that means a few things:
1.  We aren't at 6 hours of warmups and baseball games every Saturday
2.  Neither of their teams will win this year's World Series
3.  Um...feels like there should be at least three if I'm going to start numbering things...

Griffin had a great playoff run.  He was 7 for 7 in his last two games.  In the final game he threw a kid out trying to steal third base, was 4 for 4 and hit two balls over the head of the centerfielder.  I couldn't think of a better way for his season to end...

...outside of them maybe winning the game...that would have been good too...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Take your daddy to work day

Parker brought me in to the office today.  She's showing me the ropes and helping me to get organized. 

Turns out my desk is a mess...

We're hoping that she'll be able to help get things going for the Summer of Service.
I hear they're finishing up details and still need a bunch of people to help out.

She was hoping to speak one night, but lately she's been thinking more about wrapping the popcorn bags...both are good...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Nick of Time

This isn't a review of the mid-90's Johnny Depp vehicle with Christopher Walken....but I dare you to find a motion picture with two of the greats that is equally as bad as that motion picture.

Nope - I just read the Kindle version of this Tim Downs novel.  Under the title it reads, "A Bug Man Novel".  I didn't see that when I selected this book.  I probably wouldn't have selected it...

It's nothing against bugs - or men for that matter - it's just that I'm generally not jumping on board anything with bugman in the title.

Having said that - this is a pretty solid book.  It reads sort of like the popular television series Bones plays out.  Part mystery - part forensic science - part romantic will they/won't they.

Here's the best thing I can say about the book.  I kept wondering if the main character was in other books.  It just read like one book in a series of books....and the kind of series I'd like to read.

That settles it, right?  If you want to read more books with this character then you obviously like the book...that just makes sense.

So there's a little bit of action - a little big of clever dialogue - a little bit of bug factoids - and in the end Bruce Willis was a ghost.

I'd give this book a looksy if I was picking out one or two vacation novels.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Livin on a Prayer

We're halfway there

Our family has decided to simplify our lives through the reduction of our collective stuff.
I have no idea how much stuff we have, but I do know that it's about to drop by a thousand.

The sad thing is that when I brought this idea up - it seemed like no big deal.  That's a sure sign that we have way too much stuff.

On some level it's difficult to feel like I'm an outsider living by a different rules - walking against the grain of the world and living for the Kingdom...while watching my new flatscreen television and ignoring my neighbors. (still suffering from buyer's remorse from that cursed television)

I'm not sure reducing the amount our stuff actually moves me forward in that direction, but it can't hurt.
Very simply, we have more than our share of stuff.

So we're putting things into boxes.
We have the Keep box
We have a Give Away box
We have a Sell box
& we have a Throw Away box

We've given a bunch of clothese, books & toys to our neighbors, friends and the Healing Center.

We sold 175 books & magazines to Half Priced Books and we still have boxes to go through in our basement.   Side note - those books & magazines went for $ that's probably not going to pay the mortgage this month.

We've thrown away a silly amount of stuff.  I had no idea that we had so many half filled notebooks, video tapes and broken electronics.

We're halfway there.  We just hit 500 items and will continue to move forward. 

I hope to one day only own two sets of clothing and Dennis Miller's Off White Album.

one day at a time

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


A few notes from our recent staycation:
-Genius idea to get those passes to the King's Island (side note: not really an island...saw no king)
-Good idea to get those Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden passes
Coop flying at the King's Island
-Scheduling something for every single morning and every single night was dumb
-We celebrated Parker's 5th birthday and Annie's as well...not fifth...
Mist tunnel at the Zoo is genius
-Annie and I took six weeks of Foster/Adoption classes in three days (we're super smart)
-Several baseball games were watched
-We enjoyed another awesome night at Prasco Park with free Chick Fil-A, ice cream, t-shirts and more Chick Fil-A

free ice cream, baseball, chick fil-a, and family night out

-We hung out with a lot of great friends
-We cured cancer
-No animals were harmed during the entire staycation (unless you count those delicious chickens that gave up their lives so that the good people at the baseball game could enjoy them)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Living Having a Blast

See what I did there?  What I did was take some popular lyrics from a motion picture from back in...

Anyhow, we have some plans for this year's Staycations.

2 Biggies are popping up on the list this year

1.  The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.
This is how it works - the Zoo is how they got my money - the botanical gardens are what keep you coming back again and again... "Quick dad, let's go look at those Rhododendrons!"

2.  King's Island
I haven't been there in about ten years.  This just seems tailor made for a family more known for their staycations than their trips abroad.  You could spend a day at the park, a day a Boomerang Bay and you could spend a day in line for one of the rides.  That's three days right there. 

Also in the works - The Murphy Family Olympiad II
I've been working on my three balloon float time and am excited about this year's new event - The let's see how long we can stay quiet while dad reads a book on his nook

Should be a great summer

Monday, May 16, 2011

Addition Addiction

I'm addicted to one thing
I want more entertainment, more electronics, more Bruegger's Bagels Herby Turkey sandwiches, more of Isaac's stories, more History channel, more money, more leadership, more tools, more hot water, more time with Annie, more...

More is a funny word.  Not - let's welcome to the stage More - kind of funny.  More like, "I was talking to more the other day and she really has an interesting way of saying things" kind of funny.

William Idol once said, "too much is never enough" and I think he snarled in the middle, but I wasn't sure how to convey that via weblog.

I'm addicted to excess.  I love more...but I'm not sure it always loves me back...
 Today maybe I'll cut back on a few things...bit by bit...I could keep writing, but that'd be more

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Q City Players Contract Rider Goes Public

For years people have asked to see this.
Young Improvisers have asked for it, comedians, actors, you name it.  We wanted to keep this private, but it's finally been announced that WikiLeaks is going to publish this anyway...

So here is the official Q City Players contract rider:

-A black station wagon is to meet the talent at the nearest available airport and honk the horn every 30 seconds until all the luggage and talent have boarded.  The driver must wear a ship's captain hat.

-Backstage is to be open to the Q City Players fanclub 2 days prior to their performance to set up the hospitality suite.

-Chris Day's "Assistant" is to be referred to as Ralph Machio and/or Florence Henderson - depending on the outfit

-All of the non-brown M & M's are to be removed from the 33 ounce glass bowl backstage

-7 white socks are to be placed on each of six wooden stools

-No one is to look Chris Smyth directly in the eye, nor Isaac directly in the beard.

-Management is to inform the staff that at any point they may be slapped

-There is to be no mention of Joe's waxed arms

-At any point Sean Michael Murphy might require the services of a local meteorologist

-in the event of a hurricane, tornado, thunderstorm or light rain - the performers reserve the right to not perform

-Missy is to be referred to as Missy, Miss or Mrs. Jackson if you're nasty

-6 1 liter bottles of Diet Mr. Pibb and one Grape Nehi are to be cooled to 45 degrees

-a local boy scout guide is to provide Eddie with directions to 3 local Indian burial grounds

-Jen would like to keep track of everyone in the room's cellular telephones

-Absolutely no animals are to be harmed in the preparation for their performance...outside of cats...that's cool

-a tattoo artist is to be on hand and prepared to ink up any of the performer's wives at any point

-the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is to allowed instant backstage access without showing identification or anything else for that matter

-The talent will do press with the following news organizations only:

-There are to be no urinals on the premises

-We're really serious about the urinal thing

-Alton Alexander is to be tackled if he attempts to walk on stage

-The Q City Players receive 90% of all proceeds from their:
 -Q City Players alarm clocks
 -Q City Players slippers
 -Q City Players autographed Styrofoam cups
 -Q City Players tote w/luggage tags
 -Q City Players gold plated, jewel-encrusted crunk cups

-No references to Dave Coulier please