Tuesday, December 12, 2006

not your grandfather's Christmas play...

I don't have much patience for bad church music. I've seen middle aged women who knew how to sing, but didn't know how to lead a song, destroy many a tune.

I had a friend who was a trained opera singer and she explained to me once that most people sing between the key of something or other and something else....(just can't remember). She always impressed me because even though she could really sing, she was more concerned with keeping her voice in a range where others could follow.

There's a church in New York that proudly proclaims that they have the shortest Mass in the city. They can get you in and out of there in twenty minutes. I've often wondered who that'd be aimed at. If you really are just checking the box, why bother? Do people think God is taking attendance and you get into Heaven if you show up at church once a week?

I've seen some horrible skits, awful dramas, bad sermons and incredibly awkward announcements. (and been a part of many of all)

Having said that....The Vineyard is putting on a Christmas play next week that's supposedly funny, original, and well put together.

If you only do one thing this week - don't click on this (that'd be a silly use of your one thing)


  1. That video may have been the best 3 minutes of my day! I'm going home now, I've peeked at 1:49 pm. Why try anymore?

  2. I was waiting for some "gimme them eyeballs".