Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a great day

Yesterday it happened.

I've been waiting for Griff to make a legitimate joke, and he did.

I was waiting for him to play some sport that I could go and watch...and he's done that.

The thing that was hard to handle was the games they have for little kids. I can't handle CandyLand. You couldn't make me play chutes and ladders.

Recently we've been moving toward better games. He started playing a card game that is pretty decent...and then Sorry, which isn't the worst thing ever....but this Christmas he was given the game Blokus. It's actually a great game. It says ages 5 and up, but we played with a friend's son who is 8 and he was struggling. I didn't think Griff would get it, but he did...and it's fun.

Once he went to bed we kept playing it. There were three of us (including a guy working on his Masters degree at Stanford) and we all liked it.

I'm looking forward to Griff playing Euchre and being better at fooseball. I can't wait until he's starts making me laugh for reasons other than - can you believe that little fella said that? Two year olds are tough, three year olds are tougher...but six isn't bad.

We're getting there. It's kind of fun.


  1. But has he said his first Irish limerick? That's the day there will be a suitable heir to the Irish Brigade helm.
    Ok. blah, blah, blah merry christmas and all that. I just got back to your blog for the first time in about a week and what I want to know are the logistics for the Good Sam Run. Joanna and I were going to bring cupcakes and/or rolls but she pointed out the futility of baking them ourselves since they aren't going to be hot by the time they get there. Will there be warmers? Should we just buy some that are already made and bring them down? What time do we need to drop this stuff off. Will it make it logistically easier if we drop them off in advance at the church? Just let me know. I'll bet you like how I use your blog as your email now?

    "There once was a man from Nantucket.. {NOT THAT ONE GRIF!!]

  2. p.s.- Is there any where in the world I can get my hands on an Irish Brigade CD? My mom still has and listens to the tape I stole from you in 1987.

  3. I'm hoping to get more details's still kind of loose. I'm hoping to take 125 baked potatoes, because they take a lot less time to re-heat than to bake. The cupcakes and rolls can be cooked beforehand...and the corn can be heated up on site.

    I'm collecting stuff here at the house on Friday and at the church around 9:30 on Saturday - unless I hear otherwise...

    let me know if you're in

  4. PS - I think we have a couple of the c.d.'s around here somewhere....I think?