Wednesday, December 27, 2006

about ready to quit on this one...

First of all I should mention that the huge package of steaks we bought are in a shrink wrapped package and there's that.

Second of all - I'm about to scream.

We've moved the steak day four times so far, and now we're moving it a fifth (after we've connected with a dozen people who've lined up side items)

It's now moved back to January 19th....which means that my next note about moving this event will come sometime during that week.

If you've volunteered to help - THANK YOU - and I'm sorry this thing has been moved around so much.
I'll let you know what we're looking for in a couple of weeks.

thanks...and sorry


  1. Now you hate middle-class people, too? Where does it end, Sean...where does your hate end?

  2. Isn't January 19 a Friday?

  3. could some wolfenbergers hang out with some murphys sometime soon?

    i would ask fuller but he doesn't like murphy people.

  4. That's not true...I like the kids. :)