Thursday, December 14, 2006

all I want for Christmas...

How great would this be?

We'd just need somebody to buy a big 'ol warehouse where a dozen or so of us can drive around and crash into each other. (My money's on Jana) Of course, you have to be about 7 years old to fit in one of these...but there's gotta be a grown up version of this available to the public (like those grown up pajamas with the feet sewed in)

Who's in?


  1. They do have a grown up version of that. It's called a Chevette. They don't get up to the same speed as the ladybug bumper cars but they bounce right off of SUVs and 14 wheel pick-up trucks.
    Are you doing lunch today at the sweat box?

  2. sadly not...
    but I will be eating with my friend Seth, so that's not sad.

    Paul and I have been to another place - that's not a sweatbox...and also has a big buffet in addition to the Mongolian BBQ