Friday, December 22, 2006

Good Sam Run

There are a group of folks who take food down to Washington Park every Saturday and feed a few hundred folks who are without homes. They call it the Good Sam Run.

I was talking with a couple of the guys a few weeks ago and I asked them about doing a big meal down there. I wondered if it'd be a bad thing. Would it raise expectations to the point that the next week's sandwiches would be a let down?

They said that it wouldn't. It'd go over huge.

So I asked what a dream meal would be.

"chili Dogs" "Really?" "Yeah, we did it one time last year and it went over really big"
So the next week we had a huge grill and did hot dogs....but I asked these guys what a really big dream would be. "what's something that you could do that would go over big - but it's probably outside of any real possibility?"
"I guess that'd be steaks"

So we started dreaming up a big 'ol steak dinner.

And now it's going to happen....twice.

The first one is going to be on Saturday, Dec. 30th. We bought a huge slab of beef, found a butcher who was willing to cut it into steaks for us (which saved us a lot of money and made this possible) and so we're going to make this happen. The bigger issue ended up being the side items. We can't really serve up steak and potato chips.

So we're looking for someone to get us a bunch of rolls (or 6 or 7 people to do two dozen each)
We need a few more people to donate 2 dozen cup cakes. We need 150 baked potatoes....or 6 or 7 people to do two dozen each.

So if you're in the Cincinnati area - and would like to pitch in (this first time or the next) just let me know...

If chilly dogs are a big day, you can imagine how fun it'll be to serve up steaks...


  1. by wow, I'm assuming that you mean that you'd like to bake a couple dozen baked potatoes?

  2. Sean, after reading this, I think we all still have the same question: Why do you hate poor people so much?

  3. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Hey what time is this thing going down?

  4. it happens every Saturday morning...everyone meets at the church in the atrium at 9:30, preps the food and they go from there.

    The steak deal will be on the 30th and we're collecting a lot of the sides on the 29th.

  5. Anonymous5:37 PM

    man- i saw 5 comments and matched it to the "6 or 7 people" thing and thought oh cool you are almost there!! guess not...

    i will be in town and jana and i will make 30ish cupcakes. right j?

  6. Anonymous10:00 PM

    sure! sean just tell us what you want

  7. 30ish cupcakes would be great
    thanks girls!

  8. Hey Sean - I will do 4 dozen rolls for you. Do I just need to bring them to the church or if Steve is coming can I give them to him?

  9. Lori,
    I haven't heard that little Stevie is coming....but any 'ol way you can get them to me or the church works for me. We live in West Chester, but we have a car that will allow us to travel all over this fair whatever works for you.
    thanks for the rolls in advance

  10. Murph,
    Whats the deal with the potatoes? Do they need to be baked and deliver on Sat. or are you all baking them somehow?
    Give me the details and I'll do at least 2 dozen...maybe more.
    Email me.