Thursday, September 30, 2010

Remember Yesterday?

Do you remember yesterday?
It was a Wednesday.  That one guy in your office made the "Hump Day" reference that created some awkward silence.  You were excited about Modern Family coming on.
At some point you went on a weblog that touted the idea of buying movie tickets to the U.S. Premier of a major motion picture...and then you found out that you couldn't buy those tickets...

Well you can today.
In the interest of full disclosure, I've already received a couple of notes from folks saying that they still can't get them.  I'm guessing that was just because they were trying at one minute after Midnight....or at some point earlier than the ticket office opened.  I'm guessing they open at 10.
As for me and my household, we will buy two tickets (Hitting the Nuts & Saturday Night)

So go ahead...give it a shot.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You'll thank me later

quick thing - head here and buy some movie tickets.
(just found out that tickets actually go on sale for individual movies tomorrow...and I'm dumb)

Some of you might be saying, "Sean, you're not the boss of me!"

others might just be thinking, "that Murph, seems like he's trying to control my life"

still others - "Oh that Sean Michael...he's so darn adorable when he tries to tell me how to spend my time"

Sure, I started out a little aggressive, but here's why I believe it's warranted:
 1.  I'm a sucker for movie theater popcorn
 2.  The more people go to movies, the fresher the popcorn
 3.  The more people who go to movies, the more Hollywood makes... and I'd like to help Hollywood...why?
        A.  They're the ones who produce the mechanism for sitting in a dark room while eating delicious popped corn
 4.  I'll be there and I'll help to demonstrate the proper amount of salt to be applied to the aforementioned pop corn.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

because I like lists...

Things that are ultimately bad for me and/or society, but I love:
-Remote Controls
-flip flops
-David Spade
-air conditioning
-me writing this right now...I should probably go...

Friday, September 24, 2010

check it

check this out...I've never tried this links to a post thing...but I'm hopeful...and also Irish #links

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fixing the economy

I know a lot of people are struggling right now and I figured it's probably time I back up the dump truck and let out some knowledge.

As far as retirement, don't worry about it - Social Security will take care of that for you.  If there's one thing we can depend on when it comes to sound economic stewardship - it's the United States Government.

Having said that - how do I invest my money now Sean?
Great Question
One word

I'm looking at the New York Stock Exchange (way better than the New Jersey one) and every major publicly held company that controls a newspaper is down right now.  Simple law of physics - what goes down must come back up.  I see a BIG future for newspapers.  Follow me....all the way to the bank!

Where should I get the money to invest in newspapers Sean?  May I call you Sean?
Well some people call me Murph and some Sean Michael...but really anything you like. where should I get the money?
Right - Checks Cashed.  They have one on almost every corner of a good city.  They'll let you borrow money from them - it's simple.

So in short - you borrow money from Check Cashed - you put it into Newspapers - you get rich and buy a series of cars that turn into boats...and you live like the Huxtables!

You're welcome.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Things that I love

While I'm on a Pittsburgh Pirates-like personal losing streak in this game - I sure do love playing Words With Friends on my internet pod touch.

I play under the handle "ylmurph" and play by one rule:
-Take no longer than 45 seconds to find a word
I figure that keeps things loose, keeps me on my toes & gives me an excuse when I lose.
It's basically Scrabble and accepts all of what I call the fake Scrabble words - Qi, Za, Teniae, Pie, etc.

I also was given a Duck tour this past weekend.
A duck tour is exactly what it sounds like.
O.K., it's nothing like what it sounds like.
A.  No ducks
B.  Um...that's really the only reason it doesn't sound like what it is.

It's a big vehicle that looks like one you'd hop off of when you come out of if you were visiting Normandy and didn't mind getting shot.  The only difference is that we were given duckbills that quaked when you blew into them instead of rifles.

You ride around the city getting a tour (did you know there are 14 bats making crowns at the Reds stadium as a not so subtle tribute to you know who?) and then you drive right into the river.
Yup...right into the water.  It's like a plane, in that you're riding and then your flying...but that you're riding and then your um...still riding...but in the water...

I'd throw in cute pics of our kids making duck sounds...but blogger hates my pics right now.
I'm not sure why.
I think it has something to do with me saying something about bloggers sister at the Christmas party last year...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Say it aint so O

An open letter to Oprah

Hey girlfriend,
   Um...what the h? (heck)
You're just going to pick up and quit?  What up with that?
Let me ask you a few QUESTIONSSSSSSS!!!!
-Who is going to tell me what to read?
-Who will tell me how to vote?
-Where will I put my, "Someday when Oprah gives me a car and/or vacation" hopes?
-What if I forget my Spirit?  Ever think of that O?!
-Can I at least know a few of your favorite things next year?
-Is there a well intentioned pseudo spiritual New Age guru that you'd recommend?

Just wondering
Disappointed in Detroit
Sean Michael Murphy
(not really Detroit...Cincinnati actually...but you knew're Oprah after all...)

Friday, September 10, 2010

just wondering

Terry Jones has called off the Koran burning - and you'd think just about everybody would be happy about this, right?

It's always interesting to me to hear people talk intelligently about politics, faith, the media and life. 

Unfortunately I rarely hear this.  I tend to hear quick jabs at a certain political party, faith, news outlet, believe or personal conviction...etc.  I used to ask, "what is it exactly that you don't like about them?"  "What story do you think they got wrong?" "are you as concerned with the bias on the other side?  and if so...why don't you ever bring it up?"

I don't really ask those questions any more.  People don't like it.  Those questions are inevitably redirected at whatever Keith Olbermann, Glen Beck or that other guy said the other day.

I've seen a lot of outrage directed at the pyromaniac holding his Bible lately (and I don't blame them...) but it feels different than when I hear people talk passionately about something they believe in.  This feels like bitterness, spite, gall, acerbic....I'm out of get the point, right?  I can't help but wonder if they're a little bummed that he called it off...

It's when we look at "the other side" (seems like most people have a "those people" these days - doesn't matter your faith or political leaning) and delight in the opportunity to point and judge - that's when everybody loses.

Especially the children.
Think of the children.
Do you hate the children?
that just seems wrong...
ok, I feel like that's about that...

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Improvisational "comedy"

This Thursday, Sept 9th, the Q City Players will be at Taza Coffeeshop.

Whether you've never been or it's just been a while, come out on Thursday and see an improvisational comedy show. It's only $5 at the door, so why not check them out? (this is rhetorical - I don't really want a list of the whales, cure cancer, punch Dave Coulier - these are all valid alternatives - I'm just saying that it was rhetorical)

When: 9/9/10  7:30pm - 9pm. Doors open around 6:45pm

2900 Jefferson Ave Cincinnati, OH 45219

Cost: $5 a the door

Come a few minutes early and snag some awesome street parking....I mean coffee...although, let's be'll want to park before that.  Check out more about Taza here

Friday, September 03, 2010

Real Age II?

For a little background, see here ...or you can just scroll down.  I tend to hit links instead of scrolling - makes me feel like I'm time traveling.

Quick Quiz:
1.  When was the last time you quoted Donald Trump or Oprah?
     A.  This morning
     B.  Last Week
     C.  Last Month
     D.  Never

2.  Do you ever feel compelled to ask, "what would Paris do?"
     A.  Uh...yeah!?
     B.  Nope

3.  When was the last time you stuck a sticker to an object?
     A.  I stuck a smiley face on my lunchbox to remind me to smile
     B.  I stuck a political sticker on my bumper to share my depth of knowledge
     C.  I stuck a ridiculous sticker on my shirt because my cute little child gave it to me

4.  Has anyone besides yourself been in contact or possession of your luggage recently?
     A.  Yes, but he's a Nigerian prince and he's promised to give me millions in return for some basic info.
     B.  No

5.  Have you ever watched The Bachelor?
     A.  I set my schedule around it
     B.  I Tivo it and get to it when I can
     C.  I've watched it a few times
     D.  I'd rather go through a nationally televised breakup where I previously demonstrated that I'll sleep with anyone the day before I meet another "girlfriends" parents and look them in the eye while telling them how much I respect their daughter...and repeat the next day...

6.  If you were to become business partners with Spike Lee in a chain of restaurants, would you name the first one:
     A.  Eat the Right Thing
     B.  Mo Better Blueberry Pancakes
     C.  A Spike Lee Joint
     D.  Summer of Sausage

7.  How long has it been since you wore your varsity letter jacket?
    A.  10+ years ago
    B.  What do you think I'm wearing right now?
    B.  I'm more of an "academic"

8. If today is a typical day, how likely are you to say, "Seacrest out" while exiting a Starbucks?
   A.  Not very likely
   B.  Somewhat likely
   C.  I'm only human

Now add all of your answers up.

If your total comes to 8 - you're fairly decent with basic math
If your total comes to less than 8 - you might have made a basic math error
If your total comes out to more than 8 - I'm not convinced that you can actually read this...but that's ok

Thursday, September 02, 2010

How old are you?

I took one of those tests the other day to tell me my "real" age.
They ask a lot of the questions you'd think they'd ask
-How old are you? (that one felt like they were cheating a little)
-Do you havve Colon Cancer?
-Has a doctor told you that you only have two weeks left to live?

They also asked a few surprises
-Do you floss your teeth daily?

I still haven't been sent the results via electronic mail.  I'm starting to wonder if this was just a scam to gather some of my personal info. (the "What is your social security number?" and "what is your bank account number?" questions made me a bit suspicious.)

Ultimately this is what I was left wondering:
Is there a test out there that helps you determine your emotional age?
What about your socially awkward age?

I'd like to make that test...
so here I go...
well not now, I've gotta go do other stuff now...but I'm on it...