Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I've often believed that mom's day should be their child's birthday.  It seems like 9 months of carrying around a baby and then going to the trouble of then delivering it should amount to that person being the hero each year.  Why the heck should I get a free dessert at Applebees when it was my mom who did the heavy lifting?

This isn't really even my point - I was just thinking about birthdays.

Today is the anniversary of my 3 years of web-logging.  It's my blog birthday. It was three years ago today that I stopped by my friend/mentor/boss man's house and he showed me his blog.  It was the first blog I'd actually read.  He showed me how he set it up and told me it was free...so I went home and gave it a shot.

I had no idea what I was doing (still don't).  I had 7 posts (of sorts) on that first day.  Two of the seven were pics of Griff ,two were haiku's and three were sort of random.

I've added features and taken them away.  I've kept track of page hits and then realized that that's not really an exact science.  For a while I thought your "view my profile" section was a decent indicator, because it was unique visits.  It's the only thing that has been on this blog since day one that I don't control.  I'm now not really sure what it indicates.  Either way, I'm not running ads or trying to sell snake oil on here...so it probably doesn't matter.

I'm going to take a little time tonight to go back and read some of the old stuff.  I have never actually done that.  I barely read them as I'm writing them out...so who knows what I'll find.


  1. I think you need to confess that your true motivation was to beat Tim's number of hits :)
    you've written some pretty tight stuff, smm. thanks for writing!

  2. Congratulations on the big milestone Murph. I appreciate you giving me a reason to get on the internet every day.

  3. I feel a "greatest hits" post coming on. Sort of like when I would tune in for a "new" episode of my favorite sitcom and it would be clips from previous episodes. Bastards.