Thursday, July 03, 2008

when it pours it rains

so my back hurts....really hurts.

Here's the problem. Well, I guess the back is the problem. Here is another one... our insurance costs went up 40% this year. So with that comes better service?

Sadly, no.

My chiropractor doesn't take our insurance any more. I'd move to another chiropractor, but this place is 23 seconds from work and you don't need an appointment. I could strain my back at work and then be at a meeting ten minutes later having already been to the chiropractor. It's beyond convenient.

So I went yesterday. I paid my own money and I guess that's ultimately what they wanted (whoever they are).

The problem is that I need to go three or four more times and I can't afford it. So today I'll spend a bit of time trying to find another chiropractor who can see me in the next couple of days. As long as there isn't a major holliday/3 day weekend coming up I should be fine...


  1. at least your insurance pays for chiro. care, some carriers dont at all!! hope you feel better soon!!

  2. if i remember correctly, in college nate scott could straighten someone's spine just by giving it a stern look. you should give him a call.