Tuesday, July 22, 2008

me + one

I think I need one person to help me with a few things.

I'd love to take the technology that already exists and create the remote remote.  This would be a remote that has 8 or ten buttons on it that all help you to find things.  You'd need little stick on devices that you'd then put on your actual tv remote, your car keys, cell phone, cordless house phone, palm pilot, etc.  Every time you can't find whatever it is, you pull out your remote remote and just hit that button.  It causes the lost item to make a noise.

But what if you lose your remote remote Sean?  Quit asking annoying questions, nobody likes that.

Since I asked...you'd create a clapper feature on the remote remote.  You can't find it, you just start clapping.

This could be gps enabled.  The possibilities aren't endless, but they're pretty good.

This would solve the energy crisis, world hunger and television shows with dancing in the title.

I'm just not the kind of guy who could figure it out.  Paul Smiley, Steve Bragg and Drew Gillespie are the only people I know who could actually make it work.  Blake Schmidt could work out the specs (that's a thing, right?) and get it on the market.

This is just one of those things that I'll forget about in a week...because I don't have that one person....yet.


  1. Your son spent the night here three weeks ago and I am still looking for the remote that was in his bedroom.
    BYW - LOVED that graphic!

  2. spence12:02 AM

    i actually might know a guy who could do this...