Wednesday, July 16, 2008

100 things

Stacy posted a link to another guy who posted a link to another guy who posted a link to this fella.  He actually wrote about the challenge a while ago and it's been in the back of my mind since.  I haven't done a thing about it, but the idea seemed interesting.
The fella was getting rid of all but 100 items for his personal use.  At first I thought he was sort of cheating by lumping groups of things together (like his books, c.d.'s, a PAIR of scissors) but the bottom line is he's actually doing something.

so I figure I can either do something, do nothing, sit back and criticize how his 100 is actually a lot more than that, or find something of worth in what he’s attempting.

The number is too small for me. I could never do this. These were the things that I immediately thought of. So why even bother?

I’m really not sure I should, but I’m going to take a step in that direction. I’m going to eliminate 100 things. It's certainly a far cry from eliminating everything but 100 things, but it's something.  So, I’m going to donate, destroy or give away (couldn’t come up with another “d”) 100 things this week.  Maybe less stuff won't be so bad?

Who knows, maybe it’ll be easy…


  1. Dibs on the television.

  2. How about starting with ....

    Oh, I just realized that this is none of my business...

    well, that's never stopped me before.

    I'll send a private email for your perusal and approval.

  3. So do you acccomplish your goal?