Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Kindling for the heck of it

Two questions:
Can I write Blue Like Jazz II even if I didn't write the first one?
Would it be ok if I called it to Green Like Hip Hop?  That way it'd be more of an homage or something as part of a series.
Am I the only person who hasn't read The Shack yet?
And speaking of books...or um....And writing of books, do you think we'll all be reading off of these devices in ten years?
You know those people who refuse to use the interweb because it's just a passing the car...and the tv...and fire?  I'm wondering if my reluctance to buy a kindle makes me that guy???
If all the newspapers go under, what am I going to use to start my fireplace?
Why is this even an issue Sean, you don't have a fireplace at this house.
Oh...right....never mind, it's cool.  Bye Bye New York Times and your impartial journalism.  I hope you find a nice home on the interweb. 
If I had a silly amount of money, I'd give it to poor people...but then after world hunger was taken care of, I'd build a clock floor.  Oh sure, Bill Gates has a trampoline floor.  The entire room is trampoline.  The springs are recessed in the walls.  How did I go off on his stupid house, this is about me and my clock floor (careful how you say that).  Two options on the clock floor - You want that with glass over the top, or do you want to hop over the hands?  I'd go with the glass top.  The hand hopping would get old when you were carrying in your plate of mini corn dogs and just want to watch the freaking game.  Seriously hands!  You were cool at first....but man I wish I'd put on the optional glass top.  I don't want to have that conversation sister....


  1. I have not read The Shack, but Evan is threatening my life if I don't.

    I am reading Kurt Vonnegut right now, which is probably pretty similar.

  2. for anyone reading the shack i recommend reading this review

    tim challies says that it requires a lot of discernment and folks should be careful who they recommend it to.

    i haven't read it yet but he is someone i trust. just thought i'd throw that out there

  3. For anyone reading Vonnegut I recommend seeing this movie,( I think it's some of his best work

    and I have no idea how to insert links in you're a better than me Brooks

  4. Sean,

    You are thinking of Rodney Dangerfield, not Kurt Vonnegut. Simple mistake.

  5. i have not read the shack. and i've been thinking of you often since your post yesterday when i drive down the street reading my email. it's pitiful really.

  6. well now you're just showing off Wes...and watch the movie Fuller, it'll change your life...and oh yes, he's in there

  7. My two cents on 'The Shack'...

    It has terrible cover art and I despise that the main character's name is Mack.

  8. Whoa...Vonnegut WAS in it! How did you know that? Are you a sorcerer?

  9. Dan,
    You can't judge a book by it's cover - that's in the Bible (or at least that's what Wes told me)

    Vonnegut playing Vonnegut - perfect casting.

  10. I just hope Mack is played by Kirk Cameron in the made-for-tv movie.

    'Left Behind'? Talk about Oscar snubs!