Friday, January 05, 2007

Remember, your smile is contagious!

I'm starting to see how Howie Mandel came to be a germ fearing, knuckle bumping, bald little bundle of cautiousness.

I'm living in paranoia of getting pink eye. Cooper has it, Annie had it, Parker has it...again. So I'm checking my eye and then pull up to get a large diet coke at my favorite Scottish fast food restaurant. As I pull out my dollar and give it to the nice fella I wonder, "now if I do have it...he probably will get it...and then everyone who goes through McDonald's will get it...and give it to the people they work with...and so on...and so on...and so on...

So if you live in Ohio and get pink eye in the next two're welcome.

That Diet Coke sure was delicious


  1. all of a sudden i'm real glad i don't live near you! but i wonder what i am catching from the guy at my mcdonalds! thanks for that lovely mental image murph. i'm gonna go wash my hands!!!!!

  2. I had pink eye for a big chunk of the summer. I was doing Work Crew and I had it for three of the four weeks I was at Rockbridge. My nickname was "Pink-Eyed Pete". Yuck, I totally understand the fear of the epidemic! I think I got it from the hot tub...

  3. Trust me, I've seen worse things in the hot tub at Rockbridge!