Thursday, January 11, 2007

my vision

I'd like to see a 10 team playoff (and I thought this before last Monday's debacle).

I'd also like to see some games in cold temperature cities. I guarantee that if you put the National Championship in Michigan's stadium, you'd sell more tickets. It's not like people are only going to the game because it's in some warm stadium. People would drive to Michigan or Ohio State or Penn State to watch a Bowl game...they just would.

So you take the top ten teams and have numbers 9 and 10 play each other to get into the 8 team bracket. The 8 team bracket plays on one weekend, then 4 teams then the championship.

There were 51 days in between Ohio State's last game and the title game. You'd only be taking three weeks for this tournament...or four for the two wild card teams.

I'd argue that there'd be great interest in all of the games and still great interest in the non-playoff bowl games. We already get which bowl games matter and which don't. We already know who the tenth best team is and which team was 6-6 but still made a Bowl game.

We could call is December Drama (you heard it here first)

just a thought


  1. Brother Brian3:32 PM

    If teams 9 & 10 play and the winner advances, then you would end up with 9 teams...Love your idea, just doesn't add up...

    back to the elite 8

    my bad

  3. I'd settle for a "+1" situation, where after all the bowl games are played, we play one more game. Florida vs. Boise St. Of course, people will still argue that, so in a perfect world, this would happen:

    9 teams:

    - 8 vs. 9 are the two best non-BCS teams in the country (i.e. Boise St. vs. BYU) / The winner plays the #1 team in the country.
    - Then 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6, and 4 vs. 5
    Then winners play until champion is crowned.

    Automatic bids to playoff is dumb, because Wake Forest played in a BCS Bowl, and LSU did not. LSU is a top-5 team; Wake Forest is barely top 20. So, if you finish in the top 4 of the BCS rankings, you're in. Then you take 3 at-large teams. Then the 2 non-BCS teams. Just that simple.

    Imagine this playoff this year:

    Round 1: Boise St. vs. BYU

    Round 2: Ohio St. vs. Boise St.; Florida vs. Notre Dame; Michigan vs. Louisville; and LSU vs. USC

    Round 3: Ohio St. vs. LSU; Florida vs. Michigan

    Championship: Who cares at this point...look at all those great games!

  4. No you were right. a game between team 9 an 10 would yield a ninth team which has to play the 8 seed to get into the tournament.

    This keeps the regular season teams playing hard to avoid that 8 spot which could be stolen away from them by a team which is willing to play to get into the tournament.

    I like that idea a lot...

  5. I think the Big Ten should boycott all bowl games since they suck at them anyway.