Tuesday, January 16, 2007

my list o' five

Five people I'm pretty sure you can beat up:
Kiefer Sutherland
Clint Eastwood
Any 12 year old that just won a karate tournament
Ralph Machio

Five people I'm pretty sure you can't beat up:
Carrot Top
Ben Stiller
Michael Bolton
Steve Bragg
Danny Bonaduce

but why would you want to beat anybody up? What are you, a sadist?
The day after Martin Luther King, Jr day? That's just embarrassing...


  1. I'm assuming those lists should be reversed. I can't beat Michael Bolton, but I can beat up Clint Eastwood?

    I can beat up Jack Bauer but I can't beat up Bragg?

    Have you seen Bragg?

  2. Please!
    I can't beat any of those people up. That karate tournament incident was embarassing. I've got to learn to just keep my mouth shut at those things.

  3. Clint Eastwood is 100...and have you ever seen Kiefer in an interview? He's no Jack Bauer.

    Bragg would own you. Michael Bolton is surprisingly large. You're just living off 70's movies and a tv visage

  4. Last time I wrestled Prince he absolutely owned me. That, however, has back when he was known as the artist formerly known as Prince, before he became Prince once again.

    Maybe he lost his manhood with dropping the symbol.

  5. Let's not forget John Mellencamp...

  6. What about the leprechaun cop from CSI:Miami? I forget his name but I'll bet I could take him, especially since he never looks at the people he is talking to. He would say some sort of thinly veiled threat to me while looking the other way with his hands on his hips doing the macho thing. He wouldn't even see it coming. They have to compensate for just how much of an ass he is by making all the bad guys on that show as ruthless and over the top as Tony Montana just so you don't root for them.
    Who actually watches that show?

  7. If I remember right John Mellencamp is a pretty good flag football player. We're you ever part of those games Drew? I never went for fear Courtnay's dad would accidentally kill me. He gave me the ole one armed side hug once and I'm pretty sure he broke a couple of my ribs. His hand was as big as my torso.

  8. oh...the memories..."don't ___ with chuck" was everyone's motto if i remember correctly. imagine my fear when i loaded the dishwasher at the brooks' house with the wrong kind of detergent and suds were ALL OVER the kitchen floor within minutes. chuck was not too pleased but handled it with charm all the same! FUNNY STUFF! thanks for the memories dave. oh, and john cougar mellencamp could take ALL of you, but only if john franco were helping him!

  9. If I remember correctly, you also lived in fear of the distinct reality that Chuck may not have any clothes on when you walked into the house.

  10. I assume that you got used to the site Carissa, being an adopted Brooks girl.

  11. never saw chuck naked...if i did...my memory has blocked it. but i did love living there. what a great family. does anyone ever see any of them anymore??? i would love an update!