Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Keep on Truckin'

I used to take the little wrestlers off of my trophies and mount them onto my Plymouth Oldsmobile as the hood ornament. I'd drive "the grappler" down the street with a little man in a wrestling stance guiding my way.
I also had my share of bumperstickers.

That's kind of where it stopped. I just don't see myself putting bumper stickers on my car anytime in the future.

I don't care enough about any one single product (even rain x - which is the greatest single product) to put their sticker on my bumper. I saw a ski manufacturer's sticker on a nice car today and wondered why.

I can't see anybody pulling over and having a God moment because someone has a "Jesus Saves" sticker showing them the way. I'd wonder about someone who was going to vote one way, "but then as I was driving to the polls I saw a McMillin for City Council sticker and that's what swayed me".

I'm convinced that a number of accidents happen every day because some squinting driver pulled up a little too close to read the "beam me up Scotty" stickers that keep us all rolling on the highways.

At the same time - I get it. I remember being so excited about something that I wanted t-shirts, stickers, name it - that all showed off my new favorite thing.

I try to remember when I see someone in a cheesy Christian t-shirt that they're just excited about their faith. That can't be bad. I guess they could be cheesy political bumperstickers, or ski slogans...if that's what gets you most excited in life - I guess you should go for it.

That'd be my line of bumper stickers - I'd call them "Cheese"
first one:
Go for it dude!


  1. I smell a bumper sticker contest.

    "If you are close enough to read this you are most likely breaking the law."

    "Don't blame me I voted for gzorn#10plat.. along with everyone else who voted on that computer.

    "Free Leonard Peltier..and while you're up grab me a coke."

    that's a good start.

  2. "Caution: Your mom on board"

  3. my all time favorite "Focus on your own damn Family!"

  4. Anonymous11:38 AM

    This blog was a giggle.
    Sean, besides RAIN-X, you introduced me to the second best product, the Mr. Clean Eraser.