Tuesday, January 30, 2007

one great sitcom

So this is what I'm thinking...

A situation comedy based on a bunch of folks who work together at a water park.

You have the old, grizzly boss that was around when wet suits were for wimps and every once in a while you lost a finger to the sting rays.

There's the guy who thinks he's awesome and is always walking around shirtless, with barb wire tats around his biceps and a mustache.

There is the young guy just out of college where he got his Marine Biology degree and can't believe he's feeding fish to Shamu (the seventh one) and the girl of his dreams who he can't get to go out with him...because she's dating mustache.

The shows revolve around back stage banter, the conflict between annoying customers and the performers who don't really care about the fish...just the money, and the young fella that just wants the world to know how important our sea friends are to this planet...and to make out with the hot girl.

Each episode ends with the shirtless guy jumping a caged shark.

That's right...the name of the show: Jump the Shark


  1. what about the annoying guy with a booming voice who emcees the water shows. and his annoying sidekick eye candy with big 80's hair and too much mascara... everyone behind the scenes knows they know nothing about fish and are always plotting things to "go wrong" in the show just to throw them...

  2. How about a socially inept custodial guy, who's only friends are the sea creatures. Because they "understand" him. At night, while cleaning, he let's the seals out of the pools, feeds T-bone steaks to Shamu, and has long discussions with Mr. Jingles the sea otter that follows him everywhere (and for some reason will not die).

  3. and once Shamu VII acquires a taste for the red blood in those T-bone steaks he/she begins attacking trainers and biting people in half. Before the authorities can put him down the custodian sets him free and hi-jacks a fishing trawler. Together they travel the coast feeding on unsuspecting swimmers at all the major resorts beaches along the west coast. This has a crippling effect on the California tourism industry and finally the ex-Terminator (current governor) is called in to deal with the problem. Some horrible and sweepingly broad and derogatory things are said about whales. The British interpret it as an afront on Wales and the Welsch people. Diplomacy breaks down, blah blah blah eventually a nuclear bomb is dropped on L.A. and everybody lives happily ever after.

  4. That's a wrap people. Print it!

    Hey? Why is this thing using my first name now? How does it even know my first name? I'm logged in under Wolfenberger. Oh well we all knew the machines would end up running the world anyway.

  5. Open the pod bay door HAL.

    David. I cannot open...