Wednesday, January 24, 2007


"God never push starts us"

I wonder about that. A friend of mine said it to me once. He was saying that we shouldn't sit around and wait for word on high for every single decision. We should start moving in a direction that we think He might be leading us toward...and see if God calls us to stop, shift directions or turn around completely.

If we believe that - then we should get started.

I wonder how many people think to themselves, "I should really start sponsoring a child"
"Maybe I could go start volunteering at the shelter"
"um....maybe I should start looking into that 'loving your neighbor' 'Good Samaritan' thing?"

I'm not sure of the theology behind "God never push starts us" - but I do think we ought to be a little more proactive about seeking ways to help the world around us.....and if God tells us to stop, then we should ask Him what's next.

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