Wednesday, June 11, 2008

to what end?

A lot of people ask what our little improv group is about and I always answer "huh?".

I'm not sure what they mean. Some people ask if this is some sort of ministry deal and I just say, "no, it's more like my golf"

My dad used to tell us to find a hobby that was either free or paid you somehow. He was really good at that. His hobbies led him to teaching the Columbus police karate, recording 4 c.d.'s, starting a video production company and buying a silly amount of houses.

So the Q City Players is something I do every week or so that's free...and sometimes pays a bit. It's a way to go have fun with friends and share the occasional moment of real life amongst the improvisation. No agenda, just fun.

In that respect it's nothing like golf. Golf is good for about 23 minutes and then I start throwing the clubs and wondering why I paid $20 to wait for the golfers in front of me to hurry up. Someone called golf "a good walk spoiled" but I've always felt like a walk was a "good time on the couch watching tv spoiled" so I don't totally buy into that. I'm just not a fan.

Anyhow, it's good to have a hobby that lets you vent and play a bit.

And that's the one I'm hanging my hat on these days...

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