Friday, June 06, 2008

a few things worth noting

This young man has a weblog and I thought you should know. He’s a great thinker and I think, if you give him time, he’ll show that ability off… They just had a baby (Harrison) - so if you feel like prayin'

I’m going to occasionally go back to the Saturday post…oh yes, you heard me right, that’s just what I'm about these days…

The Q City Players are performing improvisational theater tonight…and I say “theater” because comedy is subjective. Brad might love this guy, and I might love this guy…but who’s to say what funny is or isn’t? (answer: Bob Newhart) Anyhow, 8:00 in the PM at the Ballet Tech Theater 6543 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, OH 45213

Some have asked if there is some sort of rivalry with the P City Players, but really we feel like we’re brothers in improv…it’s just that we’re one letter better.

Sunday I get to be a part of a thing we call Quest - it's a lunch where we sit around and talk about the deeper things of life - this Sunday we're talking about - Finding God.
So a decent question might be - can we find God...or does He find us? Another good question is - why would they cancel Ed?

I'm not buying the hype about high definition tv's.
I am however storing up water for Y2K

I don't care who you are - these kids are 17000 times cuter than their dad

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  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    there's a lot of shameless plugging going on here.

    theater or theatre?