Monday, June 23, 2008

that's kind of weird...

"I just don't want to be weird" I think that might be the god of this age. Known more for what it isn't than what it is. I'm not sure what it's all about...but I know it's not weird.

I keep hearing that Jesus was a revolutionary (we did a series on that at the Vineyard, as did every other church on the planet) and that his call is a radical call. I've seen bold proclamations on shirts and heard fiery words from the stage and through song. I just don't necessarily see much of a revolution going on.

We do a few nice things, don't get me wrong...but a revolution?

Every time I see someone stepping out into something that doesn't feel safe, I see dozens of people headed in the opposite direction. We don't really want to be any part of that - that's weird.

So the question is - is it John the Baptist weird, or just Peter the Apostle weird?

American Christianity takes a lot of raps. It's safe. It's homogenized. It's built for the masses. It's not weird. Sure it speaks of a revolution, but don't worry...they just wear the outfits of a revolutionary. They're like one of those war reenactment groups...and their just sort of playing. They'll go back to their real lives in a few hours.

Carry your cross? That's weird. Die to yourself? How does that make sense?

I've spoken with more people who argue about methodology than theology lately. "I just don't want to do it that way" seems to be the consensus. And "that way" tends to be any way.

I think we're playing it a bit safe these days - but at least we're not being weird...


  1. I came here to see if you would string together a sereies of unspeakable profanities as an homage to the late George Carlin and all I got was this thoughful musing life and faith. What a jip?

    Carlin was 71!? He must have been 40 when he release the "Class Clown" album. I think his best work was as the engineer on Thomas the Tank Engine. Much better than Ringo Starr.

  2. Yikes. I should at least read my comments before I post them. Anyway. You get the point. Is it politically incorrect to use the term "jip" as long as you don't spell it "gyp"?

  3. Honestly, it looks like English is a second language for me when you read my initial comment. So that's what my brain looks like on coffee?

  4. commenter's remorse Dave?
    you can always delete you comments...

    that's why Paul's heterophobic comments rarely make it on here.