Wednesday, June 25, 2008

early 4th of July sale

For the second day in a row Griffin's garage sale failed to bring in any income for the boy.

I'm not sure what to do about this. I've got him reading Seth Godin, putting together marketing proposals and moving around his displays...but nothing in two days.

I was getting on him about not moving any product, but he's undeterred. I mentioned that Monday is probably not a good day for a yard sale...and Tuesday isn't much better...and he told me I lacked vision.

His best item up for sale is probably his spiderman action figure ($1) followed up by plastic tennis racquet with a hole in it ($10). He's brought in a partner from next door. He figures that he can be the anchor store and Kendrick can come in and move a couple of his items. So far Kendrick has added a plastic fireman's hat (warning: this is merely a toy and is not intended for the use of fighting actual fires) and he MIGHT be willing to sell his bike. It's a really good item, so he might sell it for one dollar. (according to Griff)


Griffin hasn't come up with a name for his garage sale yet, but I'm suggesting he call it We Are Toys - just to stick it to those guys with the lousy grammar at Toys "R" Us.

It's on T.R.U., oh's on.


  1. i love how dumb kids are. i used to buy candy for .25 and sell it curbside for .10

    ABC- always be closing.

  2. Surely you mean how dumb the buying kids are in this story and not the selling kids...

  3. sorry, i should've been clearer. i'm saying your kid is dumb. a dollar for a bike? c'mon.

  4. Brad, you're dumb.

    And that is censored.

  5. I'm going to make a attempt to render diplomacy between Brad and Annie by saying that NONE of the mentioned kids are dumb -- they're just doing/have done stupid things. ha. Better to be stupid than dumb. Think of dumb as an inherent trait that can't necessarily be helped and stupid as a temporal state caused by ignorance or careless decisions --which CAN be corrected -- like selling a bike for $1. or selling .25 cent candy bars for .10 cents ?? An arithmetic lesson cured that surely.