Thursday, June 19, 2008


I was moving around some heavy stuff the other day and I was reminded of the power of momentum. I had to move these skids that weighed a few thousand pounds and occasionally the only way to move them forward was to move backwards first.

I'd move them off of a slight incline onto a flat surface. Then I'd start pushing them forward until I built up a little speed...and got them up the incline. It was much easier than starting from a dead start.

Momentum is a powerful thing. Unfortunately I think it can cause you to get comfortable. If you're a big organization and you build enough momentum, you can do mediocre stuff...and still look ok. You've got the momentum on your side, so things just sort of happen.

That happens with big churches, and just about any other big organization.

So the question I think you've got to ask is - is this happening just because we're big and we've got some momentum - or is this really the best direction to go at this point?

You should also know that this post was just an excuse to mention that I moved several thousand pounds with my sheer strength...


  1. Happy Birthday Sean. Good job surviving. For your birthday, I would like you to keep that masterpiece.

  2. you may be able to move several thousand pounds, but you'll never be able to pin my dad.