Friday, September 03, 2010

Real Age II?

For a little background, see here ...or you can just scroll down.  I tend to hit links instead of scrolling - makes me feel like I'm time traveling.

Quick Quiz:
1.  When was the last time you quoted Donald Trump or Oprah?
     A.  This morning
     B.  Last Week
     C.  Last Month
     D.  Never

2.  Do you ever feel compelled to ask, "what would Paris do?"
     A.  Uh...yeah!?
     B.  Nope

3.  When was the last time you stuck a sticker to an object?
     A.  I stuck a smiley face on my lunchbox to remind me to smile
     B.  I stuck a political sticker on my bumper to share my depth of knowledge
     C.  I stuck a ridiculous sticker on my shirt because my cute little child gave it to me

4.  Has anyone besides yourself been in contact or possession of your luggage recently?
     A.  Yes, but he's a Nigerian prince and he's promised to give me millions in return for some basic info.
     B.  No

5.  Have you ever watched The Bachelor?
     A.  I set my schedule around it
     B.  I Tivo it and get to it when I can
     C.  I've watched it a few times
     D.  I'd rather go through a nationally televised breakup where I previously demonstrated that I'll sleep with anyone the day before I meet another "girlfriends" parents and look them in the eye while telling them how much I respect their daughter...and repeat the next day...

6.  If you were to become business partners with Spike Lee in a chain of restaurants, would you name the first one:
     A.  Eat the Right Thing
     B.  Mo Better Blueberry Pancakes
     C.  A Spike Lee Joint
     D.  Summer of Sausage

7.  How long has it been since you wore your varsity letter jacket?
    A.  10+ years ago
    B.  What do you think I'm wearing right now?
    B.  I'm more of an "academic"

8. If today is a typical day, how likely are you to say, "Seacrest out" while exiting a Starbucks?
   A.  Not very likely
   B.  Somewhat likely
   C.  I'm only human

Now add all of your answers up.

If your total comes to 8 - you're fairly decent with basic math
If your total comes to less than 8 - you might have made a basic math error
If your total comes out to more than 8 - I'm not convinced that you can actually read this...but that's ok

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  1. i am laughing out loud. and i'm not making that up. you are FUNNY! and i'm about to beat you at a mean game of "words with friends."