Friday, September 10, 2010

just wondering

Terry Jones has called off the Koran burning - and you'd think just about everybody would be happy about this, right?

It's always interesting to me to hear people talk intelligently about politics, faith, the media and life. 

Unfortunately I rarely hear this.  I tend to hear quick jabs at a certain political party, faith, news outlet, believe or personal conviction...etc.  I used to ask, "what is it exactly that you don't like about them?"  "What story do you think they got wrong?" "are you as concerned with the bias on the other side?  and if so...why don't you ever bring it up?"

I don't really ask those questions any more.  People don't like it.  Those questions are inevitably redirected at whatever Keith Olbermann, Glen Beck or that other guy said the other day.

I've seen a lot of outrage directed at the pyromaniac holding his Bible lately (and I don't blame them...) but it feels different than when I hear people talk passionately about something they believe in.  This feels like bitterness, spite, gall, acerbic....I'm out of get the point, right?  I can't help but wonder if they're a little bummed that he called it off...

It's when we look at "the other side" (seems like most people have a "those people" these days - doesn't matter your faith or political leaning) and delight in the opportunity to point and judge - that's when everybody loses.

Especially the children.
Think of the children.
Do you hate the children?
that just seems wrong...
ok, I feel like that's about that...


  1. "I can't help but wonder if they're a little bummed that he called it off..."

    hoo boy. i think there's some sad truth to this thought.

  2. Yeah, sad truth for sure, Brad. Horrible that people could have this mindset. And many do. Burning the books would do nothing more than stir existing hatred into a furious and deadly megastorm of violence. Totally wrong.