Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We paid a plumber to dig up our lawn and fix a pipe that I'll never see.
We then paid a mechanic to fix a muffler that I probably won't ever notice.
Then we replaced our dryer...something I'll see and use, but never really care about.  It's hard to come home and get excited about a dryer...

Today was different.  Today we bought a couch/sofa/davenport (that's what my grandma called them)

My brother and sister in law were good enough to give us their old sofas about five or six years ago.  They were old then, and after living with three kids and two adults - it was time for a change.  We're keeping the loveseat in the basement, because it's a basement...but the couch is about to be lawnfood.

 So we bought a couch at Krogers.  Where else would you buy a couch?
We went with the Manhattan Chaise Lounge & Sofa because we love Buddha and Margaret.

So goodbye 12 year old couch, hello Kroger/Manhattan lounge sofa thing.
It's the dawning of a new era...

so anybody have a pickup truck I can borrow?


  1. dryers and couches? were you secretly on price is right?

    what happened to the big ottoman.......tell me youre still in possession.

  2. Dave Ramsey my friend.
    and a tax check...

  3. Brian1:04 PM

    Lemme know if you want me to slide by with the truck. Happy to help.

  4. Thanks Brian
    I appreciate the offer as always
    Looks like I've got it covered though
    you the man