Monday, September 29, 2008

Q City

We played around with some improv tonight and it was great...and awful...but great.

No risk, no reward is right on the money. There are moments when you put yourself out there in a scene and you can't blame the lameness on the's all you just sticking your neck out and saying a bunch of stuff that's all you. When it goes bad I want to punch myself in the trachea. I try not to allow the "why the crap did I come out here to feel like this?" thought to enter my adorable little head.

It's awful...and that's what makes it great. It's risk. It's taking a shot at something and realizing that even if my dead on Ed Norton impersonation doesn't go over that well...I took a shot.

I have a friend that swings for the fences. She applies for jobs and does projects that I would never have the courage to pursue. Because of her lack of inhibition she does some pretty cool stuff, and probably faces more rejection that you or I do.

I admire that more than the guy I know that plays it safe. (This isn't my friend I'm talking about here) I'd rather see someone fall flat on their face because they went for it than the rest of us just sort of drifting through life. I'd rather see someone fall down because they were swinging at the ball so hard...than the guy who hits a weak dribbler into the gap for a single.

Life can be like golf. We swing hard and about every 35th shot we hit one true. It keeps us coming back even if we've shanked 34 in a row.

So keep swinging away...(too many sports analogies?)