Thursday, September 11, 2008

not so free agency

I'd like to see sports go to a true free agency rule.

I was originally thinking that we should have each team draw their players from their city, but then we'd get somebody who is from Arkansas saying that they've always been a Yankee deep down.  It just seems fake and would probably ruin the whole thing.

So we can't go with hometowns.  What would we do with all the jocks from North Dakota?  Wouldn't work.

So what if we treated sports just like any other business.  Some young dynamic kid comes out of college and the different companies recruit him.  If he's a scrappy young man, he can go from city to city and prove himself.  If he came from a good school and they already know all about him, they can show how much they want him with a comparable salary and benefit package.  It seems fair that someone would have the choice of picking where he or she wants to work.  If they love the heat they can head to Arizona... and if they love's off to Colorado.  You love old people and hurricanes?  I hear Florida is a nice place to play.

So somebody could take a big bonus and go to one of the rich teams, or try and help the hometown team and earn a little less while also enjoying all the perks that go along with playing in familiar surroundings.  Maybe they can try and get's up to them.  This way we're cheering on the team that chose us and not just the guys and gals who were stuck playing in some city they hate.

Sure some teams would spend more.  It happens in the real world and we still have different places to shop, eat and watch Mr. Bob Saget perform comedy while standing up.

Let's give the guys and gals their own choice.  This isn't the army...why are we holding a draft?

just a thought...

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  1. old people and hurricanes. what a combination...