Friday, September 12, 2008

local super hero attends wedding

I'll be at a wedding this weekend wearing a robe.  Yup, a robe.

They asked me if I wanted to wear a suit or a robe in this wedding this weekend.   I just looked at them as if that was the silliest question I'd ever heard. 

-Robes are very slimming
-they make my eyes pop
-you can't sashay in a suit
-no one really knows what you're wearing under the robe
-if I need to grab a quick shower I'm already one step ahead of the game

And at some point I'll pronounce these two young ones married.  That's right, I can pronounce stuff.  That's how I do.

And as far as the power that has been vested in me, well that's nothing to sneeze at mister. 


  1. People don't sashay enough in my opinion. But people don't wear robes enough either. I'm sure there's a direct correlation.

  2. get steve salquist to build you an iron holster belt to hold a few boxes of lucky charms under that robe. that's your hero power food right? your spinach?

  3. Popeye would turn over if he heard that... or is he still alive ??