Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Who names a hurricane Gustav?  Greg, George, Griffin, Gloria, Gwen, Goldie, Gordon, Gomer...I've got dozens of them. 

Have you ever met a Gustav?

Ever even seen the name in a baby name book?

I sort of think they just made this one up. 

I've often thought they should name the hurricans after former heavyweight champions or Disney characters.  This way you can have people either take them more seriously and listen to the mayor or governor when they tell you to get out of town...or you can relax and calm down.

Hurricane Tyson is coming to town?  I'm getting out of here.  Hurricane Sneezy is coming to town?  Oh, it can't be that bad.

Hurricane Buster Douglas is coming to town?  I'm not sure what to think???


  1. I like "Hector"...

    and the way Parker has been lately....??

  2. Hurricane Bob Saget . . . my mind is blown.

  3. Disney characters? Uh, what about Hurricane Gaston? Considering he did turn into the Beast and he BLEW in and SWEPT the Beauty off her feet. It only seems logical.

  4. Anonymous9:40 AM

    my great gandfather's name was Gustav Karl. take that, American.

  5. Hurricane Buster Douglas would wipe out half of North America.

  6. Hurricane Tex Cobb would be really ugly