Wednesday, January 26, 2011

O 2.0?

I've checked Wikipedia, CNBC, US Weekly, and every other credible news source and I still have no idea how we elect the next Oprah.

Time is running short and if we're left Oprah-less just because nobody had the foresight to think this through, I'm going to chain myself to a tree and sing the "I'd like to buy the world a coke" song indefinitely.

If it's an election, an ordination or coronation...I don't care.  We just need to get moving.

Who is going to tell us what to read, who to vote for and what teenage hookers that go to college are thinking?
You?  Are you going to do that?
didn't think so...

A couple of quick nominees:
Mr. Mark Lemke...obviously.  Who wouldn't want a plucky ex-2nd baseman as their next Oprah?

Liu Xiaobo - who better to replace Oprah than our reigning Nobel Peace Prize winner?
Who am I kidding?  Are you really going to read a book that was in the Liu book club?  Forget I said anything...

Here's what I'm thinking - you get Gayle and who really is responsible for Gayle's success/decisions/income/connections/air supply?  If you answered "Oprah" you get one point.

With Gayle you get the GENIUS behind the curtain.  What better successor for Oprah than Oprah?

Somebody just solved the Oprah crisis...

You're welcome

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  1. "Somebody just solved the Oprah crisis..."
    seriously, you're funny!