Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You don't have to give him an H middle name

We named our oldest son Griffin.  We have a friend named Evan Griffin and we liked the idea of having our kid having the same name.  Having said that, we probably wouldn't have named Griff after Evan if his name was Gern Blanston.  Cooper wasn't really named after anyone, we just wanted to yell, "Coop" and have one of our kids appear. 

At some point we were watching Waiting For Guffman and liked the name Parker...and now we have one.

We have some friends that went with all Biblical names for our kids.  I say that if you're going Biblical (Griffin's  middle name is there's that) you should go big.  I'm not saying that you should name your kid God, but what's wrong with Jesus?

I know a bunch of Peters, Pauls, Davids, Johns and have even met a few guys named Moses...but no Jesus.  O.K., I know one Jesus but I don't have a "Jesus" on my phone speed dial list.  I'm just saying that I don't know anybody that named their kid Jesus.

It's too late for us (maybe?) but if you're thinking of baby names - let me save you $17 on a baby book - Jesus is a very respectable name.  People tend to like him and while it's a very well known name, it's also a very uncommon name.

Who is going to beat up Jesus?  If you're playing dodgeball against Jesus, are you really going to throw a ball at him?

Who gets invited to every birthday party and is the class president every year?

Your kid - that's who...

you're welcome


  1. And when your kid is away at camp and they run out of Kool-Aid (but still have water), who are they gonna call?

    And when they're choosing parts for the for the live Nativity scene at church, what baby are they gonna use?

    This is fun, I could go all day.

  2. And when immigration busts a company where he is working he will be one of the 25% mistakingly taken to jail for a couple of days based on assumption along with the actual illegal immigrants, which should be fun.

  3. and who will grow up emo, depressed and suicidal b/c he'll never live up to his name....

  4. Female Jesus?

    St. Margaret Mary is a great name...uh, minus the "saint"...