Thursday, October 30, 2008

Collecting dust

My first collection was one of ticket stubs.  The prize ticket I had was of a Notre Dame game my dad gave me.  It had a full color picture of the three Notre Dame captains and was really a pretty cool looking ticket.  I collected concert tickets (the Kinks, the Romantics, Billy Idol, every Irish folk band ever), sports tickets (lots of Reds, OSU football and the occasional hockey ticket) and any other ticket I could get a hold of.  You could see a trend towards the end where every ticket looked the same.
I blame ticketmaster.  I was to be nobody's ticketslave and either I was going to fill my ticket book with Pearl Jam tickets or move on to a new hobby...
And so I collected coins...and baseball cards...and some football cards...
I've had other hobbies, interests and passions (although I'm not sure I was ever really passionate about collecting tickets) but lately I haven't been playing racquetball, obsessed about any team or taken on any big projects at home.  
I have been using coupons though.  I bought 11 tubes of toothpaste, 15 bottles of orange juice and lemonade, 5 deodorants, five bags of chicken flavored rice, 16 rolls of toilet paper, 4 2-liters, and 2 shampoos - all for $2.60.  That was pretty good.  I'm not sure it's a hobby, interest or passion though - it's just fun to see how much free stuff I can get with coupons.
I don't think I'll be headed to the coupon collecting conventions anytime soon though.  Chris, you'll have to go it alone my friend...


  1. You got Mr. Snelling quite excited about coupons also. We have some excellent coupon conversations. Most of them have me complaining about how they never offer super double or triple coupons anymore.

  2. apparently Mr. Snelling didn't hear about KMarts super double coupons this week (up to $2.00)
    oh yeah - it's true

    we're rockin' the coupon world sister...and um...saving some valuable money that could be invested in children's lives. Think of the children

  3. So, I'm guessing I can cancel the double bed room we had booked at the Tuscaloosa convention in March?


    And I'm also guessing I'm on my own now to work on the new coupon-pushing campaign "I Go Cou-Cou for Cou-Cou Pons"


  4. I'll leave a relevant comment once I stop laughing...