Tuesday, August 19, 2008

let's eliminate anything with the word "synchronized" in the title

I feel like in the Olympics you get to compete if you're one of the two or three best in your sport from your country.  I've found the loophole.  If you're not that great,  you can do the exact same thing as someone else in your event at the same time and your now a team.

So if you're a great diver - like a high school state champ - but not really an olympic level diver, what you should do is find someone else that dives like you do...synchronize your dives and wa la, you're on the Olympic team.

In the winter Olympics if you can't make the ice skating team, you just find a partner and skate pairs.  If you're still not good enough, you find a partner and do ice dancing.

I'm not saying these things are easy - so if you are running an Olympic fever, relax...it's ok...I'm just saying that I've spotted a trend.  That's all.


  1. ARGH ~ %$#@!%&*!@#%#!

    You are such a ......

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    Such a M A N !!

  2. Synchronized swimming is lame. It is like dancing in the water. I don't know why you'd get a gold medal for that, but, hey add it to the list.

    I learned yesterday that synchronized diving has been on the last 3 Olympics. I thought it was a new event, but I guess that is because it's been wrongfully featured in PRIME TIME.