Thursday, August 07, 2008

gettin' ink

You have to ask permission or even question the existence of some tattoos.  On Fuller's favorite show, Jay often will play this game - Tattoo or no Tattoo.  I watched it once in the hopes of seeing Hervé  Villechaize, but sadly it was just about getting body ink.  The point of the game was asking questions of people and then having the audience guess whether or not that person had a tattoo.

So there are many kinds of tattoo folks.
-those who want to show off their ink
-those that don't

I sort of get the first one.  They want to show the world just how much they love their mom, barbed wire or anchors.  Who wouldn't?

Some people go with colorful cartoonish pictures and some people go more with the prison tattoo style.

Some people put their ink on their bathing suit parts and only one or two people get to see that one (or maybe more, I'm not here to judge).

What if your'e in a totally different category?  You want a tattoo, but you're not that interested in getting a picture of a butterfly on your crotch?  You just want the ink, but you don't necessarily want people to ever see it...or at least not often?

What if you want the tattoo, but are not sure you could handle the pain?

What if you want to do something original, but people have covered their entire bodies with tattoos...and how are you possibly going to do something new with a drawing on your body?

Well here's your answer.  Get a tatoo on the bottom of your foot - right under your heel.  It's probably the toughest skin you've got.  It probably won't hurt that much.  Have you ever seen a tattoo on the bottom of someone's foot?  It's original. 

So get a tattoo of Tattoo on your heel underside (gotta be a better descriptive word there) and shout to your eventual mortician that you wanted to give him something to look at as he ties on the 'ol toe tag.


  1. Dear Gussie.

    Scientist who have read this post will be standing in line to have alook-see at your brain when your feet are pushing up dandelions.

  2. I don't think tattoo artistes will put art you up on your palms or the soles of your feet. You may have to come up with another plan...

    PS I'll bet you a dollar that two people will have new ink when they get back from vacation.

  3. daniel10:32 AM

    Yep, sorry Sean but your wife is right.

    My wife wanted one on the bottom of her foot and they said no. Something about ink in the blood stream, blah blah blah. And I wanted my wedding ring tattooed on and they said they could do the top but it would fade like a sailor tattoo. My solution? Get a giant 1st tattoo on my ribs. Take that!

  4. I'm talking about the heel people! that's gotta be different, right?

  5. Herve Villachez committed suicide which is why he was not on Jay. Just FYI. I try to share something uplifting everyday... this is not it.