Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is it worth it?

I’ve said this before. I think it might make sense to take a poll of 30 or 40 kids and ask them this question: Do clowns thrill you, or scare you to death?
I just wonder if the value outweighs the damage? just wondering…I don’t know
How about this one – Does the attractiveness of that particular strapless dress outweigh the chore of having to grab it with thumbs and forefingers and pull it up every 3 minutes?
Does the safety while driving and convenience value outrank the creepy factor of you wearing that blue tooth earpiece?

Is it worth $50 to buy the jersey for a team you will never actually play for?
(this one isn’t aimed at you – I say to my 15 friends that wear jerseys during football season)

Is it worth guilting people into doing something for or with you – knowing that that works?
Is it worth $400 to buy a phone that is so bad that 6 months later you’ll pay another $200 to get the same model…just a little better?

Is spending 30-60 minutes of your life watching a show that has people being judged for dancing – while shows like the Office, Burn Notice and The White Shadow re-runs are left unwatched by you?

Maybe it's all worth it - what do I know?


  1. are you having buyer's remorse for that nifty phone you got there?

    And I've also said before that reality television is the direct downfall of America's intelligence. We'd still have shows like Ed, Studio 60, The Black Donnelly's, etc...

    At least I've had time to read more.

  2. The jersey is worth it. I promise.

    Reality tv is never worth it.

    And clowns are terrifying. To me and to most small children.

  3. Gotta disagree, Bragg. As stupid as Survivor is (I've never watched a full episode), it's got to take more brain cells than I Love Lucy or Gilligan's island.

    But as for you, Murph, I think we can agree that Burn Notice is the best show on TV right now. What's even better is that you can watch it in 45 minutes if you use That's helpful for me, since our TV is sitting disconnected in the basement.

  4. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Actually, the only thing ever worth watching is this