Tuesday, March 29, 2011


stare at this for 30 seconds (not the clock, the website linked) unless you're epileptic...that'd be bad....

and then stare at the back of your hand that's on your mouse...

weird, huh?


  1. AnnieMichaelMurphy11:28 AM

    When you say "this" you didn't mean the clock picture did you. Cause nothing happens.

  2. Christopher Day12:59 PM

    A) I just kept waiting for the girl from The Ring to jump out and scare me as I stared.

    B) Then I looked and my skin was crawling.

    C) Later I listened to my co-worker talk about her puppy like it was an actual human baby, my skin started crawling again. Stared at the screen and it actual made my skin stop crawling. I guess it depends on where your skin is at mentally before you look at this screen.

  3. puppies are waaaayyyy better than human babies.