Tuesday, March 01, 2011

lead much?

Today's leader:

I wonder if this is why we've grown cynical of politicians - why people are staying away from churches - if it's why corporations are falling apart.  We've lost our way.  We're looking for champions who lead us into battle, out of battle.... into or out of anything....

It seems like it doesn't matter what you do....as long as you've got a big megaphone and the guts to say it...but is that a leader or a spokesmodel? 

Maybe a better model?

This is what we need.  Leaders lead.  They might talk, they might write awesome weblog posts with colorful figurines, they might play euchre...but they definitely model. 
And maybe the cool thing about this whole idea is that anyone can do it.  You can lead your family, your co-workers, your friends, your neighbors, your employees or even your employers...right now...


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