Tuesday, October 12, 2010

movie mania

I live on what most people would consider tip money.  Not tips at a swanky restaurant that serves funny sounding French food - more like tip your barber kind of money.

Having said that, I should also mention that we pay a few shekels to the local sports leagues when our kids decide that they'd like to join a team.  So what we have here is limited resources meeting almost unlimited wants.  We buy the kids all of their needs, and we pick and choose the wants.

This necessitates having to decide between this little girl's wants...

and ours.  She often wins.

She lost this week.  One of my wants is to go see movies.  Lots and lots of them.  Sadly I've seen five movies in the past two years (in the theater).

This year is different.  In fact, this week was different.  We went to the world premier of Hitting the Nuts on Saturday.  This was approximately 65 minutes after we finished watching Saturday Night.

James Franco's Saturday Night was an interesting behind the scenes look at the making of Saturday Night Live.  I've read a half dozen books about the show and it was interesting to see if come to life.  Hitting the Nuts (an improv poker movie) was a lot of fun to see.  There was a huge crowd (maybe 15 times the size of Saturday Night) and laughter throughout.  They showed it at a theater in Clifton last night and apparently it sold out so quickly that they had to move it to a larger theater.

We weren't there for the sold out performance because we were watching The Social Network.  (That's three movies in three days for those of you keeping score at home...)  This was a great movie provided by the greatest Aunt in the world and her magical movie gift card.  We both "liked it" (see what I did there?)

I'm guessing it'll be months, or years, before I get back to the theater...but it sure was a fun run...

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