Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fine Roger Goodell

I'm a fan of Roger Goodell and his tough love policy.
He once fined me $25 because my "handshake feels like a fish"

Anyhow, overall I think he's doing good things for the league.  He's taking hits like Guiliani did when he cleaned up New York...but everyone seems to agree that it's a much nicer city now...and soon we'll say the same about the National Football League.
Not that it's a nicer city...that'd be silly...

Anyhow, I believe that leaders lead by leading.
Not just talking.  Not just writing.  They lead by going first.  Doing the stuff that they're talking about.

This is why I think Roger should fine himself.  He screwed up.  He fined three guys for tackling people.  O.K....I guess???  Even if you think we should be more gentle with your tackles - it's probably a good idea not to then profit from the very thing you're seeking to eliminate.

Roger is selling pictures of some of these nasty hits.
Hypocrit?  Absolutely.
We all are, by the way...Let's not get on him too hard.
Maybe just $100,000 would do?

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