Monday, July 12, 2010


I predict that Lebron James will be Florida's all time greatest basketball player named Lebron.

I predict that Dan Gilbert will feel a little stupid every time he's reminded of the open letter he wrote about the guy who used to work for him who decided to work for someone else.  Speaking of that...have you ever left a job for a new one and been branded a coward?  Seems like an odd thing to call someone who decides they'd rather work for someone else.   I'm one of those crazy people who thinks it's ok to choose what city you want to live in and who you want to work for.  I also think it's ok to want to work with my friends.  Seems like a pretty ok thing...that's just me though.

I predict we'll go metric, but alter it just a bit to make it more American.

I predict Tiger will get more coverage at the British Open than Frank Lickliter.

I predict Al Gore will be the next Bachelor.

I predict predictions are going to become the new "It" thing for weblogs in late 2010.

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