Friday, July 23, 2010

More is more?

The National Football League wants to go to 18 regular season games a year.

I'm not sure that I approve. (little known fact:  I have to approve of all moves made by the NFL before they're "official" - you can thank me for those lines that show up on your tv and let you know if they've made the first down).

I sometimes wonder if I'd care about baseball if they played 20 games a year.  I watch 1-2 games each year in person and 0-0 games on television.  I think if there were only 20, I'd probably watch 5-10.  Each game would be worth 5% of a seaon...instead of losing a three game homestand and having it only affect 2% of your season.  I don't have time to care about grown men playing a kid's game for that long of a season.

More does not equal more in sports.  More teams making it to the postseason just waters it down and makes it less spectacular. That's why it's a bigger deal in baseball & football than it is in hockey.  Also in the hockey playoffs you have to watch there's that.

For the record - not a fan of more people in the NCAA tournament.
Not a fan of more regular season games in football.
I am a fan of less pre-season games.
I am a fan of The Office.
I am not a fan of any show with "dance" in the title...


  1. Bragg8:59 PM

    why do you have to hate on hockey? it's a great game and you haven't given it a real chance. and that's all i'm going to say about that.

  2. What about that show on National Geographic called:

    Orphan Boy in Third World Country Dances for Food to Feed His Family, oh, and Health Vaccines.

    Geez Sean, how could not be a a fan of that? Heartless.

  3. for the record:
    I love that show
    it's hilarious

  4. I've always said hockey and soccer would be watchable if every game was sudden death. First goal wins. Now you gotta sport.