Thursday, April 22, 2010


According to the University of Arizona, people tend to speak about 16,000 words a day.
According to Jim is an awful show, I'm told...

Either way - I'm around a lot of people who are somewhere between 1-16,000 words into their day.  I hear a lot of things...and yet I've never heard
-I'd love to, but I already made plans with my proctologist...
-The other day, after I wrestled Steven Spielberg
-Them critters sure taste good with that Tempura
-So we roadtripped to Branson for the Jay Z concert, and then..
-My girlfriend and I were headed to the cage match after that Star Trekathon...

There are probably a few others, but I'm about to play Parker in Wii I'd better start stretching...

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  1. hello!!!!! i mean, you KNOW i read your blog!!!!! don't be hating on the b-town. you take that back!!!!! you know what a pain i can be when i'm angry! that has not changed in 20 plus years! : )