Wednesday, November 05, 2008

on hold

I listened to this message every 25 seconds this morning - "please unplug your router and wait one minute before plugging it back in if you haven't already done so"

Out internet was out.  I called the company in charge and they put me on hold.  After ten minutes I took a shower.  After the shower I picked the phone back up and was still on hold.  As I was getting dressed they picked up.  They'd done the message about unplugging my router aproximately 43 times by then.

So the guy comes on the phone and tells me to unplug my router...



  1. Wellllll......
    Since you obviously are on the internet NOW, it must have taken this guy's command to make sure you unplugged it correctly!

  2. That pie chart is very funny.

    And once Obama takes the oath of office, no one will have to worry about their internet being out again.

  3. What they do is they flip a little "activate" switch while they're talking to you. Then they have you try the unplugging again. Whammo! Instant internet and you begin to sing their praises. Very sly.